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01.09.2013 , 06:20 PM | #11
In terms of pulling aggro from the tank, melee DPS will pull aggro from the tank if they are at 110% above the tank's current threat. Range DPS will pull at 130%. There has been some theorycrafting for the exact range to be at for 130% to apply and this was found to be at 2.76m.

If a tank is constantly is able to taunt at >2.76m, he is getting a threat boost of 130% each time. As shown in my parse above this threat boost can get to 300k and even Guardian/Jugg TPS can hit over 4k.

If a tank is taunting at melee range (<2.76m), the threat boost he is getting is only 110%. Even the single target taunt and aoe taunts are used together this only gives a threat boost of 121%. In the event of a range DPS pulling aggro mid-way through the fight, the tank might not get back aggro.