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^I like that way of thinking!

allow me to present my take on this which is some rambling!

it makes even more sense if your warrior is female and you are in a romance with him. Quinn tries very hard throughout the story the lady warrior to deny his romantic feelings for her.

this is evident during his conversations. however if one accepts that he was spying for Baras since Balmorra, then that is the primary explanation for said denial. he is resisting her because he knows from the begining that someday he will have to betray her trust in order to repay his debt to Baras.

Now lets look at the actual betrayal. A robot? And from what I have seen and read. (My warrior is 32 but I know what happens) it is not paticularly challenging.

. HOWEVER because he feels that betrayal is unacceptable but he also knows that if he defy's Baras then he is pretty much a dead man.
so he chooses his lover ,the warrior to be his excecutioner so to speak, by doing so he is both keeping his promise to baras and attempting suicide...

the whole thing is in a weird way kind of ROMANTIC!
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