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CC in itself dumbs down the gameplay IMO...

CC is rarely used situationally(except for HB maybe). And with the move "not to punish overlapping stuns", it's going off all over the place; all the time. It's hard to worry about a teammate getting stunlocked, when you got a Smasher in your face that just rooted you.
If your playing against people not using it situationally then they probably suck and whats the big deal they should be easy.........I'm guessing it's "hard" when you play against people who understand how to use it. and in turn want it dumbed down so it's not "hard"
It is almost an "oh ****" button and takes skill out of the game. While I would fully admit that is somewhat of a generalization, the whole point of PvP is to put the control in the players own hands whether its offense or defense, outnumbered or have an advantage. CC is more of a "I can't stop you, so stop moving for awhile" type of move. Most PvP games don't have that, even if they are objective based...

Call it oh Sh^t button if you like but you have on to, and who knows how to utilize it best for the situation wins.......... and what does it matter what other games have or do not? that's a silly argument.
but sure it makes it easier
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