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This really bug's mo.

When i am in a area questing and i see someone doing the EXACT same quest i useall invite them.
It offer's both of us extra xp and we dont fight over mobs.

But 90% of the time i get diclined.


Even if your not interested in turning in the quest togather grouping at the very least allow for mob sharing.

So explain to me why people outright refuse to group for a couple of min get the rewards then leave:S

It just doesnt make sense.
Because I'm tired of ninja-looters and people who are rude. I'd rather wait five extra minutes for the clicky/boss to respawn than lose out on good gear because someone wants it for their blasted companion.

I'll group, sometimes -- but usually only with friends, and NEVER from blind invites. If you can't be bothered to at least whisper me first why should I bother accommodating you?
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