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well seeing as the entire post ROTJ EU is going to be reset when Episode 7 comes out..
Yeah, naw. If you think they're wiping the slate entirely clean, it's not happening.
Lucas has said his stance on the EU has basically been that is it a divergent universe - that there are two SW timelines, one including just his movies/shows, and another consisting of the movies, shows, and everything else in the EU.
In his mind, he or Disney isn't overwriting/resetting anything, as the second universe has never really been something he cared about or involved himself in. There's more than enough space for both to exist, and the SW books set in the EU universe still sell well. Plus, poor Leland Chee would be basically out of a job if all that got tossed out the window.
I hate to keep comparing, but there's essentially going to be 2 markedly different Star Wars universes now (I would think), not unlike the Marvel Universe/Ultimate Universe split.