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The CC in this game is WAY too strong/abundant... Always has been. Every class shouldn't have two or three stuns, every class shouldn't have multiple roots, etc, etc. It's too late... They have them now. So what to do?
BW just seems to have a jones for CC. Not sure why, but the Devs really think the existence of massive amounts of CC make PvP super fun. The Devs seem to want CC to play a strategic and tactical role in PvP encounters. Yet as the system is currently designed, CC is simply being spammed for the most part without penalty and without any real tactical consideration.

The main problem is simple. The CC in this game is ubiquitous. The counters to CC are not. So I think BW could make two relatively simple changes/additions to combat/gameplay that would make CC more tactical and fun (as intended), without even having to mess with the Resolve mechanic. My suggestions:

- Add a craftable Anti-CC consumable (to counter the existence of CC consumables like grenades)
- Reset our CC Breaker when we die.

Start with those two changes and then consider lowering the cooldown on everyone's CC breaker.

What the Devs must understand is simply this...being grey-bar CC'd is unfun. Not being able to control your toon in any PvP environment is unfun. Give players options. Give them choices. The majority of players don't mind dying if they can go down fighting. Being repeatedly grey-barred with a loss of toon control is not only lame, it's bad game design. It's the only thing related to combat in this game that I don't really like.
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