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01.09.2013 , 05:14 PM | #1
I would really like to see Bioware come out and make statement regarding hacking; such as "We're aware of some of the speed hacking that is occuring in the game; rest assured we are making adjustments to prevent it from continuing; furthermore anyone that gets caught using it will have their character deleted."

The reason why, is that there are so many new players due to F2P that many I've talked to are not interested in subbing for pvp because they tried it out and a lot have complained about "hacking". When I've talked about the issues in greater depth I've discovered that many times it wasn't a hack at all, but an ability that is working as intended (such as Guarded by the Force).

The problem though, is that they've seen so many complaints/YouTubes of hacking lately with no response there is a perception now that the war zones are full of hacking and it's turning them off.