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I don't see the issue here at all and I'm fine with current system. I like the complexity CC and resolve adds to game play. If your getting stun locked by 2 people all you need is a team mate to CC/knock back them. And like you said it's not common to remove features, but a lot of whats being suggested would make them less useful and have the same overall effect of dumbing down game play to a more simple form which to me would be a shame.
CC in itself dumbs down the gameplay IMO...

CC is rarely used situationally(except for HB maybe). And with the move "not to punish overlapping stuns", it's going off all over the place; all the time. It's hard to worry about a teammate getting stunlocked, when you got a Smasher in your face that just rooted you.

It is almost an "oh ****" button and takes skill out of the game. While I would fully admit that is somewhat of a generalization, the whole point of PvP is to put the control in the players own hands whether its offense or defense, outnumbered or have an advantage. CC is more of a "I can't stop you, so stop moving for awhile" type of move. Most PvP games don't have that, even if they are objective based...
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