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Corruck activated the terminal, that had been moments before hidden by all the boxes. He spoke to no one at first, Arron, I know you wished not to speak of your time in the Empire, but unfortunately time is of the essence and I need to know if you can identify someone for us. At this point a figure stepped onto the screen, he wore usual farming outfit, with an unassuming face. He was human, about 4'3", had brown hair and kept it well combed.
Who is this we? Are you sure he is trustworthy? You know an Imperial agent could be just about anybody. I may even recognize him. He spoke fast and with a deep voice, which beget his appearance.

I seriously doubt that. They are Jedi and they wish to kno... He was cut off quickly.

Have they come to arrest me, for my past. I thought you said that papers were enough to fool most people!

They are not here to arrest you. The papers are fine, or the SIS would have come for you and I would be a lawyer at this point. It is completely safe, we just need you to look at a picture and say yes or no whether you recognize the person or not. Corruck then put the picture on the screen.

Arron spent a moment, well actually quite a few moments. Before finally speaking, No. I don't recognize him. He must have joined Imperial Intelligence after I left. He spoke almost normally but there was a small inflection within his voice.

There is no need to lie. If you tell us who he is, we can make a couple arrests depending on the answer. He spoke calmly. He thought silently, He was part of Imperial Intelligence, most interesting.

Will one of those arrests be mine, if I don't answer?! If I tell you who he is, he will find out someway or another!

Get a hold of yourself. You promised in return for me helping you that you would help the Republic when called upon.

And I have been. For the last five years, I have been farming for the Republic on Ord Mantel. Putting myself at risk thanks to these separatists.

Well right now, I need help. You may not have promised to help me when needed, but surely you would be honorable enough to at least give me a position or name.

Arron fell silent. He didn't speak for a minute or two.Watcher. He was a watcher when I met him. But he was well on his way to Keeper. I wouldn't put it past him to have become Keeper.

Thank you.

Don't say a word of this to anyone. YOU HEAR ME JEDI! Don't tell anyone. With that he hung up. Corruck pushed the boxes back into place before turning to the Jedi. That was a little easier than last time. Keeper, eh? Well is that enough to do what you wish to do?
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