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Highest lowbie smash I've heard of was 8600 from a reputable source, but that was without blood thirst or the wz power up. Definitely not enough to one shot but possibly could get close.

I'm gonna find out soon. Min max'd WH sent gear is getting sent to my mara I'm leveling. Tired of all Sage/Commando teams when I try to PVP. I will also do it in just min maxed 49 gear.

Also, fwiw that 5k was weaksauce. I was getting just under 5k mauls on my sin min/maxed at 39. Geared snipers routinely hit me for 4-5k with what seems like all of their attacks, and last night I saw a 41 scoundrel killing people sub 4s alone. Was very infuriating, but kinda funny at the same time. Definitely see why they got nerfed lol Had the potential to be a fun match if there hadn't also been 5 pyro vangaurds wrecking our whole team pretty much instantly.

Btw, quick question. If you're going to have a one-shot a lowbie contest, will channeled attacks be allowed or does it have to legitimately be one hit? IE Ravage
Good question. technically for a proper Smash you have to land a Leap/Obliterate first so that couldn't even really count as one. But if they are silly enough to stand there and eat a whole Ravage they deserve to go down in fame as that guy that got one shotted.
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