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Scavenging + Bioanalysis + anything else you want here (Archy is good, slicing is okay, but I wouldn't do it as your only character on the server, or crew missions. Treasure Hunting has been doing well at 400 buying the missions from the GTN and selling Corusca gems)

1) Get your scavenging high enough to have your idle companion run Jungle Medicine (Bountiful Grade 1 Compounds)
2) Get your bioanalysis high enough to have your idle companion run Mines of Doan (Bountiful Grade 2 Compounds)

3) While you only have the ship droid as your idle companion, favor Mines of Doan over Jungle Medicine, but check your server's prices first.

What you're looking to get is Laminoid and Genetic Anomaly. Laminoid sells for 700-1000 credits each. Genetic Anomaly sells for 800-1500 credits each, depending on server, and current supply available.

4) Higher missions in Bioanalysis yield items that pay very well (Hallucinogenics, Bio-Energy, Nerve-Damaging, etc), but those missions take 10-20 minutes to complete. Mines of Doan is 470 credits, takes less than 5 minutes, and can return up to 12 Genetic Anomaly (if you crit), it's usually like 5 Anomaly and 5 Luminescent. So for a 500 credit and 5 minute investment, you're bringing back a minimum of 2000 credits (when you epic fail and only get 10 luminescents) and a maximum of 18000 credits (assuming you get 12 anomaly and it's selling at 1500. It's usually closer to 1000). I run the higher level bioanalysis missions once I have 3-4 companions and mines of doan is already in-use.

You'll have over 1 million credits by the time you're level 30 (or at least 1m in credits + inventory waiting to be sold)

If you want to be extra crafty, make your 3rd profession Biochem. The reason Genetic Anomaly sells so well is that it's the main ingredient to the lowest level Implants you can make for level 21 characters. I can usually only sell about 20 anomaly at a time (in stacks of 4), and that'll take a couple of hours. If you make the implants, you can effectively double your output (sell 20 anomaly and 4 implants. I usually sell blue level 21 implants at 8k, 9k if it gets an aug slot, 10k for purples, 12k with aug slot)