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I like the changes. Infact, since the change to the trailblazer's set i bought the whole damn set simply because i felt it added more to the ****** rogue look that the set portrayed.

The phantom set finally looks like it was meant to, when i dropped cash money on the packs to try and get it only to have it not appear as i had been lead to believe.

The spymaster set actually feels like it's there, rather than a flat, boring, uninspiring paint application over my characters nude body, and the helmet looks amazing with it's new HUD eyepiece, and other tech attachments.

The preceptor set has gained the air of ****** that was portrayed in the cartel market, and is now a respectable outfit for a jedi of any persuasion to don and enjoy.

I understand that some of you bought these items for their incorrect and bugged appearances, something that was noted in the dev tracker, which is seperated out of threads so that you can stay informed of bugs and problems as and when they are found. I understand that the changes came as a surprise, as you failed to read the notice informing you of it, both before the patch, and after it was rolled out with the included patch notes presented to you, on the launcher.

I can even understand that you expected these items to never change, as they'd been around for a month, regardless that the terms of service specifically note that all assets and game services are subject to change at the discretion of Electronic Arts and Bioware austin, and that by agreeing to those terms in order to play the game, you wavered your right to any refunds or exchanges in relation to game assets, which you were merely buying access to utilise during your time on Bioware's servers.

IF they change these back, they will cause another uproar of equal proportion from those who waited patiently for the assets to reflect their advertised depictions.

IF they add an exchange service to get the old appearances back for those who are unhappy or feel cheated by the change due to their own refusal to stay informed, it will be a courtesy that they have afforded you out of good will and a wish to maintain a welcoming environment for their customers.

However, neither of these solutions should be expected, demanded, nor are they as a company in any way obligated to do so.

Stop complaining that you dropped hundreds in Cartel packs with no guarantee that you would even get these items in the first place. Stop demanding refunds on your entire cartel coin history, as even if they were liable and compelled to give you a refund, you'd only be eligible for a refund on the packs that the items appeared in.

And for goodness sake... stop threatening to cancel your subscription unless they give in to your demands. You merely look spoilt and self entitled. When buying cartel packs, you were gambling. There was never any guaranteed payoff. You merely paid for the chance to win something.


TLDR version: Thank you for fixing the appearance of the equipment, please offer some form of exchange service for the gear to attain the old appearances for those who feel inconvenienced.

Don't be a douche to the devs for doing what they were obligated to do to follow advertising and trading standards laws world over. It's your fault for gambling.
Wow. The most reasonable post in this entire thread.