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Quote: Originally Posted by Ycoga View Post
I consider the 650k i do as sage dps acceptable.

I can defeat anyone 1 on 1 except the very best asassins / carnage maras / PT's on the server.

Here's how:
Debate away...
Seems not a bad build, I was always wondering to make an alacrity based Sage..
By the way, the 0.8 TT you can reach just true psychic projection + mental alacrity if I'm not mistaken (so max in every 2 minute for ones) ?
My build has 1000+ power (I don't remember now how much exactly, but I get as much power, as much is possible vs gambling with critic)
I can cast a 7000K + single heal with force mend with this amount of power. Do you think, that its worth to get a full alacrity sett?
I do not bad dmg as well, but can't compare it with my DPS (grav round) commando, what is not even the best dps in the game...
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