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...So apparently my brain is more interested in actual psychological fallout than neat tying-up of happy-ending strings. Thanks, brain! Seriously, though, things'll even out.

Just not between Quinn and Wynston. I don't see that ever, ever getting friendly. Instead, we have a cease-fire with the understanding that they'll stay out of mutual line of sight. Hooray, diplomacy!

I have a couple other things in mind for...sometime. Nothing tremendously earth (Kaas?)-shaking.
Is it bad that all I saw was happy? Pshh psychological wut? You got the girl it stopped raining for five minutes... sure you can barely walk, you're sexually frustrated, and you still have to deal with your girlfriend's ex. It stopped raining! HAPPY darn it! HAPPY!

Also, Doc got a smooch! A peck on the cheek but still!