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Frodo isn't a playable character in LOTRO, try again. You rather look stupid than admitting you are wrong
I won't talk about the Vornskr or even the Voxyns, I give you a chance to discover things about Star Wars I just used an exemple in many books about being stealth can be more visible for someone than poiting a gun ay them at 20m.
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You serious man? You're comparing apples to oranges. It makes zero sense and he isn't making himself look stupid, you are. If someone is in front of you with a gun and someone is in stealth ten feet behind them while unarmed, who would you think would gain agro first or be noticed for that matter? The fact you quoted LOTR, a Tolkien series to "Star Wars", a Lucus film production is complete asinine. Just because another series did it has absolutely no baring on this franchise.