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This. All except for a taunt from any range increases your threat by 130. The devs have confirmed that taunts increase threat by 130, range is not a factor. You're overall damage is pretty irrelevant since any good DPS will out threat you most any fight and especially on openings, taunts are your best friend for holding agro.
That is simply not true.

Fight 1 = taunt at leap distance (under 2m, in fact under 1m) 110%
Fight 2 = fail, didn't taunt
Fight 3 = taunt at 3m 130%
Fight 4 = taunt at 5m 130%

Every taunt also gives you cca 2 threat extra lol, can try it by taunting a target as a way of starting a fight and then look at log, it generates 2 threat.

it is very much possible that range is not intended to be an issue but it clearly is.
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