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There is absolutely now way you would be able to hold threat. First of all Sage DPS is already pretty weak in fully geared for DPS builds and you would lose threat to any Sentinels, Vanguards, Commandos, Slingers or Shadows. With the stats you are proposing you would do so little damage that you would lose threat to Scoundrels and Guardians as well. Using heals as threat generation makes no sense they generate half the threat of an attack and over-healing generates no threat. Even if the DPS use threat drops on cd (Vanguards do not have any) and give you a head start I doubt you would be able to tank anything in Operations.

Survivability, well first of all half that Defence rating, it is so much into DR it is useless, can probably get something like 800. Get crit instead so you even generate some self healing. But you are ****ed anyway since you have rubbish Damage reduction. Other than that you have a 20s bubble which in your case will be rubbish due to your low WP and Power (have the healer bubble you instead) and a 30s Force Mend which will also be ******. All that extra HP won't do you much good.

Would possibly be able to tank HM FP if the other DPS go easy on damage and use threat drops and you have a good healer. You would also be able to tank trash (most Sage healers in rubbish groups do anyway). But trying this in OPs is pointless but hey, can try it.
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