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01.09.2013 , 12:30 PM | #16
Interested in possible joining up with you guys if you could use me. I'm a returning player who had to take a break for a few months due to RL work issues. I've run everything up to and including HM EC and I am currently sitting in full Campaign gear ( I play a PT tank). I used to be part of House Targaryen and their first progression group, but when I was forced to take a break I passed my spot onto another raider. Not that I'm back, most of the group I used to run with has moved on to other games. So I'm looking for a new group of cool people who want to enjoy this game in all it's forms. If you have need of another tank, please feel free to contact me(or leave a message here and I can get back to you). Good luck in rebuilding as well!
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