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01.09.2013 , 12:27 PM | #17
Stealth in this game is different than in others as well as a bit buggy (mostly due to issues with client / server sync), though it is still a decent ability.

And while I don't mind having mobs that can detect stealth, I do think the mechanic of such mobs auto engaging from twice the normal agro range is dumb.

Even if this is the case, there should be a range at which the warning is present but which the mob won't engage.

As it is now, you can get close enough to the mob before the warning goes off where it will be impossible to get out of range before the mob engages (though you can sometimes drop stealth to avoid detection depending on how close you got to the mob before the warning).

However I'd much rather see them work to improve stealth so the following no longer occurs:

Situation A:

Passing a mob or pack of mobs while in stealth, only to have a mob in the pack 'spot' the player and engage in combat after the player has moved many meters and multiple packs away rather than while the player is near the mob.

Situation B:

A random mob agros a companion and starts following and attacking them, yet does not start combat with the player nor drop the player and companion from stealth.

Situation C:

Use the in-combat exit to stealth ability, enter stealth and end actual combat (no mobs following / shooting) but the game still considers the player as in combat and unable to use any OOC abilities.