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To any of you QQing sages that say it sucks, yeah dummy parses = bad. The 1/12/28 hybrid is the best dps for raiding and once you actually l2p, your numbers will be great, surpassing vanguards and sentinels in some fights.
On my sorc 3/7/31, I prefer it over the hybrid, almost full dreadguatd, I do routinely beat powertech and marauders.

But when I hop over to my BH geared powertech, I beat my sorcs numbers by like 200 DPS.

And I'm a lot more experienced and skilled on the sorc than I am on the ptech.

Not to mention on-demand burst for burn phases, which is nonexistent for a sorc, and an execute-style ability, and comparable or better (short term only) aoe.
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