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Story Index by Character
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(The Story So Far)

Lilith: What's in a Name? (with Vector), What If? (with Vector and Doctor Lokin), Brothers and Sisters (with Doctor Lokin), Parenthood (with Doctor Lokin), Bad Timing (with Kaliyo), Hidden Talents (with Vector), Worlds Colliding (with Vector), The Morning After (with Kaliyo), Enemies (alongside Xania, with Talos and the Agent crew), Communication Breakdown (with Lokin)

Taren: Confessions (alongside Xania)

Xanara: Mission Accomplished (with Andronikos and Talos), Firsts

Xania: Worlds Colliding (with Andronikos), Family (alongside Xareen'alay), Teachers and Heroes (with Ashara), Confessions (with Andronikos), Enemies (alongside Lilith, with Talos and the Agent crew), Hide and Seek, Transportation (with Andronikos), Confessions (alongside Taren)

Xareen-alay: Loneliness/Solitude, Seasons, Seasons (alongside Taren), Family (alongside Xania)

Xarides and Nezumiiro: Children

Companions: Vices and Virtues (with SCORPIO, Quinn, DS Jaesa, and Mako)

(Cast picture)
(The Story So Far)

There Once Was a Hutt Who Swallowed a Gorg

Jesp Rixik: Confessions (alongside Kirya, with Corso), Health (alongside Korjonos), First Impressions (alongside Korjonos), Guilty Pleasures (alongside Korjonos), Health/Communication Breakdown (with Mako and 2V-R8), What's in a Name?, What If? (alongside Kirya, with Corso), Worst Day Ever (Kirya POV), Worst Day Ever (Rixik POV), Brothers and Sisters (with Gault), Bad Timing, Teachers and Heroes , Best Day Ever, Food, Food, Worlds Colliding, Virtues (alongside Kirya), Virtues, Do the Math (guest Andalar), Home Ec (with Skadge), Discoveries (with Mako), Tools of the Trade (with Mako), As Time Goes By, Laws and Governance, Enemies, The Morning After (with Mako and Kaliyo), Alternate Perspective, Transportation (alongside Andalar)

Kirya Bilali: Confessions (alongside Rixik, with Corso), Catching Up and Mixing it Up (guest starring Valden and Andalar), Guilty Pleasures (with Akaavi), What If? (alongside Kirya, with Corso), Firsts, Worst Day Ever (Kirya POV), Worst Day Ever (Rixik POV) Ceremonies (with Corso) expanding to Ceremonies 2 (with Corso), Best Day Ever (with Corso), Virtues (alongside Rixik and Andalar), Deadly Sins (with Risha), Ceremonies (with Corso), To Market, To Market (with Corso), To Market, To Market (with Corso), To Market, To Market (with Vette, Quinn, and Pierce), Fashion (with Risha and Corso)

Jealousy: Food (with Khem Val)

Jurial: Virtues, Home Ec, Teachers and Heroes, As Time Goes By/Rites of Passage, First Day on the Job, Alternate Perspective, Stomping Grounds, Climate and Weather, Enemies

Korjonos: Health (alongside Rixik), First Impressions (alongside Rixik), Guilty Pleasures (alongside Rixik)

Sha'ra'zaed (Schehe’ra’zaede): Confessions (with Doctor Lokin), Family (with Vector), Celebrations (with the Agent crew), What If?, Changes/New Paths, Brothers and Sisters, Xenobiology (with Doctor Lokin and Vector), Worlds Colliding (with Kaliyo), Loneliness/Solitude (with Kaliyo), Do the Math, Alternate Perspective, Mirror, Mirror/The Morning After (with Vector), Music (with Vector)

Varrel Umrahiel: Allies (alongside Xathras, with Vette) Rites of Passage (with Jaesa), Rites of Passage, Dreams and Nightmares, Discovery (with Quinn), Firsts, What If? (with Quinn and Jaesa), Like No One's Watching (with Vette and Jaesa), Ceremonies, Parenthood, Bad Timing (with Quinn), Teachers and Heroes, Disguises
(with Vette), Seasons (with Jaesa and Pierce), Deadly Sins, Deadly Sins (with Jaesa), What If? (alongside Valho and Vashtari), What If?, Allies/I Love This bar (alongside Xathras), Mirror, Mirror, April Fool (with Vette)

Vashutarl Umrahiel: LF1M (alongside Kughel), Mirror, Mirror, Celebrations

Kughel: LF1M (alongside Vashutarl), The Story So Far

HK-51 and SCORPIO: Droids

Azra: Family
(alongside Svein), Discovery (alongside Ardon, with Mako), What If?

Ardon: Discovery (alongside Azra, with Mako)

Mila and Mira Stariser: Seasons, Virtues, Deadly Sins

Svein: Family (alongside Azra),
Canned Responses/Family (with the Sith Warrior crew), Guilty Pleasures (with the Sith Warrior crew), Guilty Pleasures (alongside Verana, with Vette), (Un)Invited Guests
(alongside Verana), What If? (with the Sith Warrior crew)

Verana: Guilty Pleasures (alongside Svein, with Vette), (Un)Invited Guests (alongside Svein),
What's in a Name?, Worst Day Ever, Worst Day Ever, Changes

Vette and Quinn: Affection/Ceremonies

(The Story So Far)

Master Ashari: Catching Up

Amilia'n and Stion'n: Allies, Confessions, Rites of Passage, Guilty Pleasures, Family part 1, Family part 2 (alongside Rochester, Broan, Benedicta, and Sylvia/Lord Vizloch), To Market, To Market (alongside Jaci), Fashion

Benedicta: Confessions (alongside Sylvia/Lord Vizloch), Exploration (alongside Rochester and Broan), Family part 1, Family part 2 (alongside Rochester, Broan, Amilia'n, Stion'n, and Sylvia/Lord Vizloch)

Broan/Lord Naught: Catching Up, What's in a Name?, What If?, Turning Point, Teachers and Heroes (alongside Lord Vizloch), Worlds Colliding (alongside Lord Vizloch), Loneliness/Solitude, I Love This Bar/Worst Day Ever (alongside Jothar), Teachers and Heroes, Laws and Governance, Legacy, Culture Shock, Turning Point (alongside Masters Ashari and Istier), Memories, Hide and Seek, Head of the Class

Rochester: Rites of Passage, Worst Day Ever, Brothers and Sisters, Teachers and Heroes, Best Day Ever (alongside Sylvia/Lord Vizloch), Disguises, Loneliness/Solitude, Disguises, Alternate Perspective, LF1M, Climate and Weather, Mirror, Mirror, Food (alongside Jaci), Grooming, Grooming, Food, Alternate Perspective (alongside Sylvia/Lord Vizloch)

Rochester and Broan: Culture Shock, Allies, Confessions, Rites of Passage, First Impressions, Health, Communication Breakdown, Exploration (alongside Benedicta), Dreams and Nightmares, Family part 1, Family part 2 (alongside Amilia'n, Stion'n, Benedicta, and Sylvia/Lord Vizloch), Guilty Pleasures, Firsts, Changes/New Paths, (Un)Invited Guests, Bad Timing, Fame, Xenobiology, Disguises, Loneliness/Solitude, Food, Seasons, Tools of the Trade, Virtues, Do the Math, Home Ec, Loyalty, Discoveries, Confessions, Best Day Ever, Music, Life and Death, Affection, Food

Grigor: Affection (alongside Sylvia/Lord Vizloch)

Sylvia/Lord Vizloch: Confessions (alongside Benedicta), Family part 1, Family part 2 (alongside Rochester, Broan, Benedicta, Amilia'n, and Stion'n), Affection (alongside Grigor), Teachers and Heroes (alongside Broan), Teachers and Heroes, Best Day Ever (alongside Rochester and Benedicta), Worlds Colliding (alongside Broan), Alternate Perspective (alongside Rochester)

Jaci: Loneliness/Solitude, To Market, To Market (with Amilia'n and Stion'n), Food (alongside Rochester)

Z’dinne O’Hara: Turning Point

Drakkach: /As Time Goes By/Celebration (with Temple), Like No One's Watching (with Temple)

Mirrigan: Deadly Sins, I Love This Bar (with Doc, Scourge, and Rusk), Mission Accomplished (with Lord Scourge)

Ton-xix: The Story So Far

(Cast pictures! And more!)
Sunset!verse ensemble: Celebrations

A'tro: Guilty Pleasures (with Quinn), Celebrations (with Quinn), Brothers and Sisters (alongside K'saria), Affection (assume Quinn hereafter unless otherwise noted), Best Day Ever, Home Ec, Like No One's Watching, Climate and Weather (with Quinn)

Clarielle Elysra: Worst Day Ever

K'saria: Brothers and Sisters (alongside A'tro)

Darth Nox: Parenthood

Rhysven D'Anshir: Fame (with Kira), Deadly Sins (with Kira)

Thaera (Mitth’aer’akuesa): Discovery, Family (alongside Thylen)

Thylen: Family (alongside Thaera)

Vesania: What's in a Name?, Teachers and Heroes (with Watcher Ninety)

Lyshara and Lynet Vrine: Brothers and Sisters

Iriath: Enemies, Worst Day Ever, Dreams and Nightmares (alongside Lynore)

Vrintessia Alamar-Iriath: First Impressions (with Vette and Quinn), Guilty Pleasures, Backfired Plans, Changes/New Paths

Quinn’s cowlick: Grooming

(The Story So Far)

Aaran (with T8-H4): Virtues, Droids, (Un)Invited Guests, To Market, To Market

Dha, Prudii, and Briika: Memories 1, Memories 2

Prudii: Memories 3, Guilty Pleasures, Head of the Class

Dha: Family, Allies, Parenthood/What's in a Name (with Mako)

Dankin and Dha: To Market, To Market, Celebrations

Dankin: Fashion (with Corso), Transportation, Enemies (with Corso)

Merok: Hide and Seek (with Temple), Life and Death (with the Agent crew)

Sydin: Membership

Jasin: Virtues, Fame

Jett: Culture Shock

Tran’thar: Deadly Sins

Anyzama: What's in a Name?

Azydria: What's in a Name?

Xynri: What's in a Name?, Guilty Pleasures/Health, What If? (alongside Zethryncia)

Zethryncia: Allies, What If? (alongside Xynri)

As ever, please PM me if I've screwed up any of your links or character names.

(For my own reference: index current through post #3278. 1074 stories.)
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