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Story Index by Character
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alaurin's chronological index by character is over yonder.

Tyrone and Nirre: Parenthood (with Khem Val)

Ayrs Martell: April Fool, Membership, Children, Transportation (with C2-N2), Food (with Dorne), What If?, Affection (with Dorne), I Love This Bar/Affection (with C2-N2), Worst Day Ever, Alternate Perspectives/Affection (with Dorne, alongside Olympia), Alternate Perspectives/Affection (with Dorne, alongside Olympia)

Amitia: Grooming/Bad Timing/Guilty Pleasures, Transportation (with Kira), Guilty Pleasures (with Lord Scourge and Doc), To Market, To Market (with Doc), New Paths, Droids, Droids (with C2-N2 and Sgt. Rusk)

Amurri: Worst Day Ever

Malicineve: Firsts/Memories (with Vette), First Impressions (with Vette), Fame

Olympia: Affection (with Lt. Iresso), Confessions

Veresia Martell: Deadly Sins/Virtues, Transportation, New Paths, Catching Up (with Andronikos)

Alendar Sindri: Seasons (alongside Zhara Sindri)

Maneera Sindri: Bad Timing, Xenobiology, Worlds Colliding (alongside Zhara Sindri), Loneliness/Solitude, Food (with the Smuggler crew), Tools of the Trade, Do the Math, Family, I Love This Bar (with Corso), Parenthood, Alternate Perspective (with Zhara Sindri)

Zhara Sindri: Worlds Colliding (alongside Maneera Sindri), Tools of the Trade, Seasons (alongside Alendar Sindri), Alternate Perspective (with Maneera Sindri)

Ka'liesh: LF1M

(Cast pictures!)

Magdalane Chantalle: Allies (with Qyzen Fess), Like No One's Watching (with Lt. Iresso), Worlds Colliding (with Corso), Seasons (with Corso, alongside Miriah), Virtues (alongside Miriah), Fashion, Cross My Heart (alongside Miriah)

Miriah Chantalle: Culture Shock (alongside Maura), Allies (assume Corso unless otherwise noted), Confessions (with Akaavi and Risha, no Corso), Health, Health 2, Communication Breakdown (with Risha, no Corso), Mix It Up (guest starring Obo and Mina), Exploration, Canned Responses, Guilty Pleasures, What's in a Name?, Mission Accomplished (with the Smuggler crew), What If? , Firsts, Turning Point, (Un)Invited Guest (with the Smuggler crew), Changes, Parents (with Akaavi), Affection, Ceremonies prelude with Ceremonies, Brothers and Sisters (with Risha, no Corso), Fame, Teachers and Heroes (with Risha, no Corso), Xenobiology (with Bowdaar), Disguises, Loneliness/Solitude, Food (alongside Maura, with Jorgan), Seasons (with Corso, alongside Maura), Tools of the Trade, Deadly Sins, Virtues (alongside Magdalane), Deadly Sins (with Corso and Risha), Deadly Sins, Home Ec (with Corso, Risha, and Guss), Do the Math, Goals and Ambitions, Enemies, Mirror, Mirror, Music, To Market, To Market (with Risha and Corso), Hide and Seek (with Risha, Akaavi, and Corso), April Fool (with Risha and Corso), Membership, Children, Head of the Class (alongside Maura), Transportation (with Corso and Guss), Cross My Heart (alongside Magdalane), Droids (with Risha, Corso, Akaavi, C2-N2, and HK-51)

Maura Chantalle: Culture Shock (alongside Miriah), Catching Up (with Jorgan until further notice), Discovery/Family, Changes/New Paths, Sacrifice, Food (alongside Miriah), Grooming, Head of the Class (alongside Miriah)

Ensemble, Maura, Miriah, Magdalane, Sarai Chantalle: Culture Shock (with Corso, Lt. Iresso, and Jorgan), Rites of Passage (with Corso, Lt. Iresso, and Jorgan), Family, Celebrations, Bad Timing, Food, Misc

Kinka: Worst Day Ever, Hide and Seek (with Vector and Kaliyo), What's in a Name? (with Vector), Family (alongside Rissia, with Quinn), Family (with Quinn), Grooming (with Kaliyo), Fashion (with Kaliyo), Good/Bad Memories (with Vector), Firsts (with Kaliyo and Temple), Cross My Heart, Loneliness (with Vector), What If? (with Vector and Kaliyo)

Kinka and Vekkz: Sisterhood (with Kaliyo and Talos)

Rissia: Family (alongside Kinka, with Quinn), Grooming (assume Quinn hereafter), Confessions (with Vette), Transportation, Parenthood, Alternate Perspective

Anaelia: First Impressions

Meanken: Enemies

Alli'riani: (Un)Invited Guest/Parenthood, Loneliness/Solitude, Health


Adris Westan and Brei'yu Kodrevas: Rites of Passage (alongside Vol'vikis and Ellivian Westan, with Quinn), Allies (with Kaliyo and Vector), Confessions (with Vector until further notice), Communication Breakdown (with Vector), Dreams and Nightmares (alongside Ipha, Nicci, and Mavae Kodrevas), Discoveries (alongside Jeksian, with Doctor Lokin and Vector), Turning Point (alongside Ipha Kodrevas), Worst Day Ever, (Un)Invited Guests (with Kaliyo and Vector), What's in a Name? (with C2-N2 and Vector), Culture Shock (with Vector)

Rendrik Poole and Ipha Kodrevas: First Impressions part 1, First Impressions part 2, First Impressions part 3, First Impressions part 4 (with the Trooper crew), Catching Up, Dreams and Nightmares (alongside Brei'yu, Mavae, and Nicci Kodrevas), What's in a Name? (with the Trooper crew), What If? (with Jorgan), Firsts (alongside Aurai), Turning Point (alongside Brei'yu), Like No One's Watching (with the Trooper crew), Changes/New Paths (alongside Thessily, with the Trooper crew), Bad Timing, Allies (with Jorgan)

Ipha and Brei'yu Kodrevas with Rendrik, Vol'vikis, Ellivian, and Adris: Brothers and Sisters part 1, Brothers and Sisters part 2, Brothers and Sisters part 3, Brothers and Sisters part 4, Brothers and Sisters part 5, Brothers and Sisters part 6, Brothers and Sisters part 7, Brothers and Sisters part 8, Brothers and Sisters part 9, Brothers and Sisters part 10, Brothers and Sisters epilogue

Jeksian: Discoveries (alongside Adris Westan and Brei'yu Kodrevas, with Doctor Lokin and Vector)

Vol'vikis and Ellivian Westan: Rites of Passage (alongside Adris Westan, with Quinn), Guilty Pleasures (with Quinn)

Markus Kinbridge and Aurai: Firsts (alongside Ipha Kodrevas), Changes/New Paths, Best Day Ever, Worlds Colliding (featuring the Smuggler crew)

Mavae Kodrevas: Dreams and Nightmares (alongside Ipha, Brei'yu, and Nicci Kodrevas)

Nicci Kodrevas: Dreams and Nightmares (alongside Ipha, Brei'yu, and Mavae Kodrevas)

Tess'iri: Discovery/Canned Responses part 1, Canned Responses part 2 (with the Consular crew), What's in a Name? (with Zenith), Alternate Perspective (with Zenith)
Thessily: Changes/New Paths (alongside Ipha Kodrevas, with the Trooper crew)

Vei: What's in a Name?

Ves: Canned Responses (with Kira)

Kel'ani Sol: The Story So Far

Kouhun: Enemies, Dreams and Nightmares,

Rizantos Terso and Kouhun: New Paths, Short, Discoveries

Ensemble, Tryn Atee, 'Bolts' O'plinty, Larus Noc, Chet Stardrifter: Culture Shock

Briel: Loyalty (alongside Valdr), Loneliness/Solitude

Kaaste and Briel: I Love This Bar, Bad Timing, (Un)Invited Guest

Valdr: Dreams and Nightmares, Loyalty (alongside Briel)


Dean Stryder: Confessions, Communication Breakdown (with Corso and Risha)

Eleya Shevani: Culture Shock, Allies (with Kira and Doc), Health (with Sergeant Rusk), What's in a Name? (with Kira and Doc), Worst Day Ever (with Lord Scourge)

Esiri Vae: Rites of Passage, Turning Point (with Vette)

Iyani Zarru: Affection
Kerrick: Bad Timing (with Mako and Blizz)

Vreed: Health (with Corso and Risha)

As ever, please PM me if I've screwed up any of your links or character names.

(For my own reference: index current through post #3278. 1074 stories.)
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