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I actually agree with the OP, but not because of flashpoint queues (I never use them - but that could be because I know I am in for a long wait so maybe I do agree), but because having most of the game solo, a small portion 2 player, a small portion + flashpoints 4 player, some endgame content 8 player and some more endgame content 16 player, while also mixing in solo endgame content is just way too all over the place.

They need 8 man groups, at all levels, and content that scales accordingly if you can't get that many people. Then not only will people know how to run with an 8 man group when they join ops, but the right amount of tanks, healers and dps will exist because they will be required all the way, as opposed to now when at least 50% of the tanks are useless (Unwanted) come endgame.

I also think they should spend their time making new levelling paths and concentrating on those who play alts rather than on the endgame crowd, because 1 path for all toons to level is very boring and because endgame content is always a minority event, just sadly full of loudmouths who want everything their own way.

Like most MMO's these days I love the way SWtoR feels, but as soon as I hit 50 it dies for me.
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