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01.09.2013 , 11:02 AM | #4
Taking this seriously for a moment here, you'd be screwed on any bosses with a high amount of Force/Tech attacks, as your damage reduction will be half that of a shadow, already the weakest tank against those types of attacks. You'd also lack any sort of true defensive cooldowns, meaning you've got nothing for "oh ****" situations. And without a taunt, you cannot perform any sort of a tank swap and will have huge issues with bosses that drop aggro.

All that being said... I bet geared this way, you could probably tank HM EV. You'd have to force your DPS to give you a 10 second headstart to make sure you maintain aggro tho. Actually... Annhilator droid has a threat drop, I forgot, so yeah, maybe not.

You could do most of the hard mode flashpoints tho.