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hve u tried it with a full team in tionese but u. its murder and i was the healer who ended up tanking with self heals and did more damage then both dps+tank, it would of been easier to have solo the fight with my companion out. worse battle of illum HM i ever did.
I and many others have successfully run T1 HM Flashpoints with groups wearing less than full Tionese. What the heck kind of gear do you think we all had back when we first hit 50?

Just because the players in your group couldn't handle the mechanics of the instances while playing up to their characters potential does not mean that everyone is just as bad and must overgear content to succeed.

Not saying you personally need to learn to play, but if a group in full Tionese cannot reasonably complete a T1 HM, it isn't the gear that is holding the group back.