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I am not sure how up to date SimCraft is but the last time I did a DPS simulation on my 1/12/28 build the results showed:

Willpower >= Power > Surge > Crit > Alacrity

I know some people will argue that Crit should come before Surge so your mileage my vary
I hate stat priorities written out like that. It doesn't really give any meaningful information.

For one, you can never trade crit for surge, so it doesn't matter which comes first.

Two, it's predicated on your current gear, so if you're running a bunch of alacrity, of course its gonna say surge is valuable and alacrity sucks, because its evaluating at your current gear.

Best way to go, use those amr profiles from the poster above me. , and dry to match up your power:crit and surge:alacrity ratios relatively close.

Oh and always willpower augments, resolve armorings, unlettered mods, and low endurance enhancements. And a DGclicky and DG elemental proc relic(for sages)

Aaaand just realized this is for PvP. Amr profiles aren't gonna be as reliable because your working with different stat amounts.
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