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01.09.2013 , 10:28 AM | #4
Oh by the way OP, my first 2 toons were healer and tank. I did not have a hard time progressing in the game. The fact that this game practically gives you a companion to run around with helps make up being a full spec tank or healer. Also I practically get a FPs as soon as I hit the que button, so I don't ever have to wait so long.

Although when I play my DPS it takes forever to que since there's always a billion of them. But that goes the same with every MMO out there. I also die quicker and have longer downtime since I always have a DPS companion out at all times in every role.

I have played other MMOs and leveling a pure tank or healer there was horrible and took forever. This game gets easier and easier with every level 50 toon you get and companions you max out. With 450 presence at level 1, your companion can kill everything on her own.