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Alright guys, now were starting to head back into the Technological side of things in Star Wars. I figured, doing these Analysis randomization would give readers a surprise and perhaps new info without further ado lets look at the YT-2400!

The YT-2400 light freighter was a YT series produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation much like the YT-1300 light freighters. These ships were favored by smugglers, due to being fast, tough, and endlessly modifiable the ships came with 16 weapon emplacements though only 6 are used in the stock design but it also gives the owner an easier time to make modifications this made the ship for smugglers and mercenaries a well armed transport. With its double armor plating and bulky engines, the YT-2400 could handle deep space combat, it had power to spare so it can take huge powerful engines and weapons in being modified.

The rounded hull area was devoted to cargo holds and ship's systems. In practice, much of the interior hull space was taken up by modified engines, power generators, weapons systems, and all the other illegal goodies any self-respecting smuggling ship needed. The YT-2400 was configured with a pair of starboard bracing arms that connected to the cockpit compartment, essentially a long tube. The aft section of the cockpit tube contained the primary escape pod, which seated six. The bracing arm's interior space generally was used for crew quarters and living space.

By 137 ABY, YT-2400 freighters were still in use by the Galactic Alliance Remnant.

YT-2400 specs

Deck plan schematics=

Cost: 130,000(New), 32,000(Used)

Max Speed(atmosphere)= 800 km/h

Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2.0, Backup 12.0

Shielding: Equipped

Hull: Doubled-armor plating

Navigation System: Equipped

Armament: 2 CEC 1D servo turret laser cannons

Crew: 3(minimum crew 1)

Passengers: 6

Cargo capacity: 150 metric tons

Consumables: 2 months

Other Systems: 2 escape pods


Thoughts: This is my favorite ship(freighter/transport wise), the CEC pretty much handed you a freighter in which the owner could modify it to their specifications. That is what I like, you can make your own YT-2400 pretty much from the ground up and have it be on hell of a vessel...that isn't to say the stock isn't done well it is'd get more out of a YT-2400 if you modified it. Its a great freighter, loved it ever since I saw Dash's Outrider in Shadows of the Empire and I also had one in SWG and it was a great ship.

Not only that, but these vessels are G-canon yay! If any of you guys watch ANH sometime, when Luke and co are entering Mos Eisley and the camera is panned out to show the large portion of the city before the Stormtroopers, take a look in the sky and you'll see a YT-2400 heading out.
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