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I haven't tried a tank yet, but leveling as a healer (Sawbones Scoundrel) was far and away the easiest of my 4 50s (plus another on the way at 38 now). It never even got hairy unless I did something stupid like aggro half the planet. Me & Corso just stomped our way across the galaxy and finished the class story at 47, having leveled on the way to the final boss so i still hadn't picked up my 47 abilities.

Not bragging, just saying that healers aren't slow or grindy to level. You have plenty of punch to deal with the standards while your tank keeps the strongs/golds interest, then toss a heal or two and clean up. As an op/smuggler you don't even get your AoE of doom until 48 - at least a Merc/Commando healer gets to level with theirs. I think people just think it's slow to level with a healer but if they gave it a try they'd change their mind.

Tanks... I have no experience as, so I can't comment.

All that said, I'm one of those who doesn't do flashpoints as I level. This has more to do with the fact that leveling is something I do when I want to play solo and/or might have to suddenly and without warning drop everything. When I'm sure I have time to dedicate to group content I'm either running an op with the guild or HM FPs for comms.
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