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... unless you change the underlying system for combat. Because you chose to blatantly rip off the underlying system of World of Warcraft (which was in decline when you were making the game, might I add), you are now suffering the exact same problems they have. However, the problem I want to talk about goes something like this: Playing a tank or healer rewards group play, but at the cost of progression in single player content. Since single player content makes up the bulk of the game and leveling experience, most people play as damage dealers (because it rewards the player with faster progression). The problem is only exacerbated in SWTOR because the stories that matter are single player. Waiting times to get into a flashpoint for most people is close to an hour, which effectively prevents the vast majority of players from playing flashpoints. So why invest time and money producing content that most people will never see? Instead, you should be investing time and money into changing the core game mechanics so that progression is unaffected by role (tank, healer, damage dealer). And no, dual spec is no more a solution to this than your group finder. Both those features are in World of Warcraft and they still have long wait times. Yes, they are a bit shorter, but the only reason they are any shorter is because of WoW's cross server group finder.
I should also stress that most MMO players have grown quite aware of the weaknesses of World of Warcraft, and any game that is effectively a WoW clone will not attract them because much of the content will be inaccessible until the player has clearly out-leveled it. So I'm begging you, please start working on changes to the core game mechanics to solve that problem instead of releasing flash points most people will never do.
To be fair... WoW stole their combat system from other games that came out before them... This system is as old as pen and paper RPGs that you play on table tops which came out way before video games.