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I think to fix sages all of their main attacks should have some lv of pushback. Telekinetic throw, Disturbance, and Force Wave. Not just a knockcown. Then it would allow kiting and proper interaction of appropriate enemy skills. They could also give the sorcerer a shock version that makes them each a little different.(or not)

For telekinetic throw you would have to use another skill then use it again to get a second push back. Then it doesn't push back to max each time you use it as balance. but you could use disturbance then it again. Or it could have a 10 second debuff push back timer for all push back per character. It would push them back to max range(30/35) and then act as normal. You could even make it so different ranges have separate push backs. then the 5 meter range would be useful for disturbance. It would make a killer kite for Sages. If you get the 5meter skill you can then proc for a second push back.

This would make the skill for jumps(guardian etc) more useful and those classes appropriate counter characters and make them really valuable against sages. It would add some interesting dynamics to combat. Notice those classes have alot of immunity already from jumps etc. It would fit in perfectly.

Obviously things immune to push back would not be harmed. so gunslingers would still be immune under cover. Unless there is some directional reality to the immunity!

I think this is the perfect way to balance sages and make them viable! And the pushbacks should have proper resolve. Maybe a third of a bar or less. Maybe 1/6th.

I was reading this thread and came up with the idea:

Thread about pebble change!

It's inspired by this video:

SWTOR clip

You could also just give the push back to Disturbance and/or Telekinetic wave somewhere and avoid Telekinetic Throw.(Though it does say "Telekinetic" throw and it could add and extra pushback for survivability). Hopefully accessible to balance and Telekinetic and probably Seer!

If they do it could become gain able at like lv 40 as a power or be in the lower part of the Telekinetic or balance tree somewhere.