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A "hub and spoke" raid of 6-10 bosses.. Minimal but challenging trash leading to 2-4 bossfights pr. "spoke".

Crafting encounters.

More fights requiring awareness and class abilities instead of hard dps checks and simple tank swaps.
why not just say i want Naxx? :P

but anyway i agree, maybe a operation that involves assaulting a fleet station which is alrdy round they just need to adjust it slightly.

Edit: upon thinking a bit about it i feel i should put a bit more down.

so basically the operation is centred around attacking a fleet station. upon docking you get trash etc and a boss, once he down you have access to the central area of the fleet, you come up in the middle somewhere around where the entrance to the lounge is or something, from there you have 4 different ways to go for 4 different bosses.

all 4 bosses must go down before you can advance.

each section of the fleet has its own boss, ie, a boss at the pve section, crew skill, GTN, and PvP area.

ive only had 1 idea for one of these bosses so far and that would be the PvP one, make it a type of pvp fight, various classes and specs of enemy say 8 of em and you have to take em down, but not like in EV where its 1 on 1, must be 8 V's 8.

anyway, once these 4 are down you can access the elevator for the fleet lounge, maybe another boss in here, then you head to the Bridge for the last boss and capture of the fleet station.
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