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What are they going to do? expenssive/ slow/ tiny heal? Or are we just going to get a bigger version of one of the heals we already have? I guess they could give us "force siphon"..... that could be intersting.....

I'd like to see any of the following.....
1) a 3rd point added to confound for a 35% slow effect on the target. (to help in those kiting situations)
2) a talent that adds a signifigant heal to restoration
3) a reduction in the lockout debuff of force armor
4) a casting time/ cost/ cd reduction for salvation ~ this one could be a game breaker though
It would be great to see some more offbeat healing skills like "Restore Life" or "Balance Life" of Bishop class from Lineage II. First skill heals not for absolute amount of hp, but for some percentage amount (35%), second skill summarizes and distributes health points of the group members, equalizing the percentage of health points.
They both did extremely satisfactory work in L2 and gave distinctive mechanics to class. In any case, this is the direction in which it makes sense to speculate.
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