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Few reasons imp 50 PvP is sucking
Pvers coming in to get the wh relics with 200 expertise saying they will be ok then dying 11 times and going turtle node.

Node guarders thinking they are solo gods and not calling out when its 3v1

Tanks throwing guard on dps... been happening a fair amount past few days

Dps has been sucking killing targets. Hey you see someone healing mark them fools.

Basically gear up before you hit level 50 with a new took don't come in with 13k hp had 3 in one group other day can you say wtfstomped was like putting a insert here sign on my butt trying to heal those fools.

edit: forgot one 2 of your team quitting when they see a premade right when voidstar doors open leaving it 6 v 8 while the other team blows through the first door causing 2 more to drop. Gotta love those types
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