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To any of you QQing sages that say it sucks, yeah dummy parses = bad. The 1/12/28 hybrid is the best dps for raiding and once you actually l2p, your numbers will be great, surpassing vanguards and sentinels in some fights.
That is solely dependent on fight and skill. The hybrid spec is an amazing spec overall due to the fact that is really easy as its a 4 button rotation with no energy management. However lots of fights, Withering Horror, Denova Kephiss which you can stand still and turret the fight out telekinetic is better. Balance is too force tight in a lot of fights.

That is would also challenge Vanguards and Sentinels is just not true. Both personal experience and ranked logs show that sages are behind on nearly all the fight (if not all) in the game at the moment dps wise. Vanguards, Commandos, Gunslingers and Sentinels just have too much higher base dps. I love my Sage and love dps with it but it is behind more than it logically should.

*Also as a note, it would be nice seeing some Bioware response to the issue of dps imbalance overall in the game at the minute, Shadows, Sages and Scoundrels are falling behind and there is no reason why these classes should have lower dps.
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