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01.09.2013 , 04:16 AM | #46
I posted this on another thread a while ago and I guess this is the right place for it:

I would love to see a boss encounter similar to that of Kaon Under Siege turret boss.

Basic idea would be the same (no turrets), mechanics following:

1. You are defending a hill top, or a camp of republic/imperial fighters.

2. Location is under attack by random npcs, from huge waves of weak enemies to strong ones.

3. NPCs waves would be random, so you wouldn't know what comes next.

4. Instead of players sitting on turrets, you'd defend npcs sitting on those, for an example.

5. Attacks could come from any direction, sometimes from two directions at once (still random).

Idea behind this is to request team to play together with high sense of awarness and to add surprise to the encounter. The fight could be extremely easy or really hard (RNG), but rarely the same. This would make it something to look forward to. Be the waves of enemies spices with minibosses, walkers or sith, tanks or aircarriers.

Make it feel like a brutal war!

Yours, Rus/Mra