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...That doesn't change anything about the Mary Suish-ness of the story. You do know what that term means, right?
Also, get help.
well I know and I fixed clean part about it, the rest is completely fine, being supreme doesnt exactly mean to be mary sue, it needs few more attributes of goodiness. there are in fact from what I remember few definitions of mary sue, from self idealisation of author to creation of perfect being, yadda yadda yadda - also theres a male version of mary sue that I do not even remember his name. I dont find a need to make my Warrior drop in the hierarchy or fail for no good reason or to become opposed to Emperor's plan. his way is straight path to greatness painted with flesh and bones. also do not be mean, after all true Siths defy life, bend its rules, they are above common sense of morality - that is what my Warrior represents.
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