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01.09.2013 , 02:05 AM | #671
As an addition to what I said earlier about selling items you don't want from the cartel packs on the GTN.

The 'incorrect' Phantom chestpiece had great utility and offered a look many players scross the classes wanted. I'm seeing as many Imperial Agents wanting the 'incorrect' look back as well as Shadows and Inquisitors. Of the defenders of this change the majority seem to be Inquisitors. I've certainly not seen any Imperial Agents defending the choice.

Don't get me wrong, I can understand that you'd be upset if you were buying a cartel pack to get a certain look that was advertised (Only the female version) and it wasn't in the pack. But you'd likely be a lot quicker to spot any mention of such issues on the forum and then stop buying the packs. Sell of the gear you did get on the GTN or if you were hoping for a change but unsure keep it unequipped (unbound) in your bank until the issue was resolved.

I'm not asking for a rollback or change that affects all the sets affected in this way. Ideally I would like to see both parties get to keep the look they want.

Just remember the bottom line is...

If you bought the cartel packs you had the option to hold onto item (unbound) or sell it.

If you bought the item because you liked how it looked in preview mode on the GTN and equipped it, then you've just lost all that investment.