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01.09.2013 , 02:00 AM | #9
I advise getting some mentoring over the pushing SC to 20%. Reason is you can't do that on NiM, so if you get to NiM you then need to change up your strategy which could cause more wipes then necessary.

What DPS are you running with? If you get your two strongest DPS on SC they might be able to push the defensive systems. Our op make up for NiM is to usually have our two melee DPS (usually dual PT's or a MT/Marauder combo), and during the first 20% the operative healer even drops an orbital strike. Pushing that first 20% is the hardest due to a combo of tank threat starting at zero, timer counting down whilst still getting into position, and having to actually get the 20% before the second DD starts casting. If you do beat that first one, subsequent defensive systems triggers are easier as you get to start at a lower value due to DPS'ing during the cast (we usually push 3% during the cast, so we only need 17% before defensive systems is cast).

I hope that made sense, I kept getting interrupted as I was typing it.