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See the biggest problem comes to looking at the majority of people who currently have the robes.

I said it already, but those that currently have it bound and stuck to them with no option to sell, trade, replace, etc are those that liked the old one. They KEPT it, they bound it, they wore it. Now they are given a completely different look.

Those that liked the "Artwork" probably didn't bind it to them. Once they saw how it looked the majority most likely sold it, got rid of it, etc. It's possible some people kept it for about a month, but in general the majority of people with it BOUND are those that liked it. (Throw away/sell things you hate, keep things you like, basic human nature).

By making a change to an item people have (correcting or fixing or whatever) it takes something that someone liked, kept, and bound and throwing it away.

If they wanted to add the new sets they should have added the sets as being new suits/correct, etc. Then nobody would be STUCK with a hated look. That's the problem. Those that didn't get what they wanted could sell the old, get the new, like how irl you replace clothes.

It's better to the majority to offer new clothes to buy then to rip up and change someone's existing clothes.

I acknowledge that bioware in a small, single post on a forum (which as evidenced by "We accidentally changed it and will change it back. Wait I'm wrong" isn't always right) said that it was wrong. But the point still stands.

Just for a moment let's try and look in the other's shoes. You log on and find your character looking at you in a completely different outfit and everything is changed and you hate the look. (Picture for me your most hated outfit, whatever you find ugly and stupid). You spent a large amount on this item because you liked the look and now your character is staring at you in something else.

They changed your character. Regardless the reason, your character now looks different from how you left it. This character of yours was changed without your permission and now looks different. You'd be pissed and rightfully so. REGARDLESS the reason.

THAT'S why it'd have been better to offer the new set as opposed to force a change. Nobody likes having their character altered.
Wow...nice blinder's

I got mine from the cartel packs....been holding on to them for when(today) BioWare corrected their mistake.
I originally purchase the cartel packs for the armor advertised on the cartel packs. I did not get what was advertised. Now, you want me to have to buy new packs in the hopes of getting Armor I had already purchased?