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Is the Tionese Mystic set the stat road map I should follow for healer Sage gear ? I may have been using the wrong stats all the way to LvL50...

I assume the Tionese set for a healer Sage is "Mystic". But when I review stats, I see that compared to my current gear, it is really a lateral change to different stats and no big improvement overall. In fact, in some cases I'd be going backward.

Correct me please, but it looks like the Mystic set focuses on Willpower, End, Power and Alacrity. Up to this point, I have focused on Willpower, End, Crit and Alacrity and only used Power when I couldn't find Alacrity.

Should I follow the Tionese set stats and/or will I notice I goodly improvement in my healz if I make the lateral switch to Tionese away from my current Crit/Alacrity gear that is similar in overall rating?

Any other recommendations for acquiring entry level to End Game Gear ???

Thanks in advance guys !
You could rip out the mods and put the ones you want in the Tionese gear?