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The Cartel pack the items in question are from work on a Lucky Dip basis.
You will have to buy more than one cartel pack to have any chance of getting the item you want.
You buy a cartel pack, you may or may not be lucky in getting the item you want.
You end up selling cartel pack items you don't want on the GTN to raise ingame credits.
You use ingame credits to purchase the cartel pack items you want from the GTN.

Irrespective of whether the cartel pack artwork was representitive of the contents, having the wrong item in the pack does not disrupt this chain. At no point is the player forced to keep buying the packs once they have been made aware that the item they were hoping for is not available. At no point are they forced to equip the unwanted items and bind them to their character. Cartel pack purchasers who felt cheated were at best little more than inconvenienced and given a good cash earner (I paid about 300K for my Phantom chestguard before the change).

Many players encountered these items ingame on the GTN.
Search the GTN for items you like the look of.
Preview the items to see how they look on your character (and can I thank you BW for finally having the colour match work in preview mode)
If you like the item purchase it and equip it, thus binding it to your character.

These are the two variables. One was an inconvenience and could have been solved by apologising for artwork being used on the packs that were not in the said packs, an oversight and teething issues as the cartel market gets rolling. And then add the intended models in a new cartel pack. Players inconvenienced in this fashion should have made more than enough on the GTN through the sale of their items to cover the costs.

The other outcome has been for the players who bound an item to them based on how it appeared on the ingame previewer to have their items altered in a radical manner. These items are for all intense purpose of no use to those players affected as they cannot sell them on to recoup their losses.

And this constant mentioning of the Dev tracker post. I check the Dev tracker and I missed this one, namely because in the Thread title and the Dev response there was no specific mention of the items affected. And it was in a particularly busy time of the year when I have even less time to read through every thread that pops up on the forum.