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01.09.2013 , 01:29 AM | #652
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I saw no previews of Perceptor chest piece having the hood up. No artwork for it either.

Now, this doesn't effect me in anyway, other than I spent in game creds (wasted now) and my companion I put it on now needs a new outfit, since I didnt want him having a hood up. But it's better than it being something my character was wearing.
The cartel pack art shows the Preceptor, Revan's and Phantom and I think Spymaster how they were intended to look. Don't know about any other promo art but the pack art is the most obvious one and that one does show hood Preceptor and sorcerored out Phantom outfit. Granted I thought the "unintended Phantom art was decent, I knew they were going to fix it to what they intended so can't really complain about them correcting something they implemented incorrectly in the first place.