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hve u tried it with a full team in tionese but u. its murder and i was the healer who ended up tanking with self heals and did more damage then both dps+tank, it would of been easier to have solo the fight with my companion out. worse battle of illum HM i ever did.
I've absolutely done it with a full group in Tionese.

Actually, when I first hit level 50 on my first toon way way way back, I did my several HM FPs with groups that were a mix of Tionese and some level 49 purples.

Before the group finder, you trolled gen chat for groups, and often times the people that joined had poor gear -- the whole slew of overgeared people doing HM FPs came about much later, with the BH comm rewards.

I think I finished (successfully) 7 HM FPs before I won my first piece of Columi.

Oh, and these were all pugs, I wasn't in a guild at the time.

Since the group finder, I've done HM FPs several hundred times on five different level 50s. In additional to the typical overgeared group, I've done plenty of undergeared pugs. As long as they were willing to listen to strategies, or already knew the fights, there wasn't a problem.

Tionese is PLENTY of gear for HM FP. If you're struggling with it, there are threads on this forum for every class giving optimal builds, rotations, etc. I suggest to look these up and improve your gameplay, rather than threatening to put a Tionese-geared player on ignore for daring to join you in a T1 HM FP.