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<THE JEDl ORDER> of Server Begeren Colony possesses a great deal of internal roleplay, and yours truly sees no reason to keep it private, when it can inspire others!

The Order has a well-developed set of advancement requirements to attain higher guild-ranks with us, and you can find out more about that by clicking here. Along the duration of advancing from Jedi Initiate to Padawan then Knight, each member finds a master to 'guide' them through their Padawan and Knight Trials. While there are many differences between the learnerships offered by the different Knights and Masters of our guild, yours truly wanted to share some of the sights that my own Padawans' experience as they complete a padawan learnership, as well as sights everyone's Padawans are prone to.


We JEDl host two weekly Initiates' Ceremonies each week: 1 on Saturday mornings, and 1 on Sunday evenings. While you do not need to join the guild at one of these, everyone is expected to go through one of these as a new-joiner at some point before advancing. They consist of three phases: Orientation, Force-Affinity Measurement Duels, and finally Induction.

Phase 1: Orientation
The Ceremony moves from Phase 1 to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Force-Affinity Measurement Duels
The ceremony moves from Phase 2 to Phase 3.

Phase 3: Induction


Acceptance of a new padawan for Master Ahlvis No'vaik is not completed in Teamspeak or even on our guild-site's forums; it is completed in-game and in-character.


To refer to JEDl is to intentionally or un-intentionally refer to a community of 5 guilds. Every now and then, cross-faction action tends to occur....

<Republic SpecForce> Recruitment Drive, Weekly

All-Guilds RP Class, 24JUN2012

Galactic Racing on Nar Shaddaa, 06JAN2013

Blood on the Sand, 31DEC2012


Now, I can't speak for the rest of the guild's masters, but yours truly has 3 master-and-padawan excersizes, fully in-character, that Padawans complete in order to finish their learnership under my guidance. Here are some assorted pics:
It should be noted that the DARK JEDl are *NOT* a part of our community; whenever a Padawan completes the 3rd excersize, we invite anyone on Belsavis to head to the Green Matrix Shard before unlocking it.


Each of the 4 Schools that comprise the JEDl Order has a PvP Master. In order to become a Jedi Padawan from being an Initiate, one must duel and screenshot said duel against any of the PvP masters. In this case, since a PvP master was not online, yours truly was allowed to complete Ramus-cortan's duel, since I am the Headmaster of the Sage School.


Held in a location of an aspiring Knight's choice, a panel of no less than 3 Masters/Elders/Arbiters/Councilmembers and whatever number of witnesses we can rally gather for a special pre-knighting interview. Each panel member asks a number of questions, and then the panel votes on whether or not to approve a Padawan for Knighthood.

While this thread is a poor summation of what it's like to actually go from Jedi Initiate to Padawan and then full Jedi Knight within the JEDl Order, it's still a good collection of screenshots and sights that one would experience in being with us.

Special mention to those who have become knights under my charge thus far: Vibius Maximus, Derc Denolo, Holywrath, Iso-Jor Accendere, and Arspoetica Ellisande. I expect Jia-wen and Mohiam to be joining this number any day now!

Art is a many-faceted thing; some of it is created and conceived by a single person, while some of it happens in the course of everyday life in a community.

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