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01.08.2013 , 09:34 PM | #594
BW, this is a mess you have on your hands. The spymaster, phantom, and trailblazer changes are not welcomed by the majority of players. As a GM all I did was hear complaints this morning from guildies as we logged on and discovered we got ripped off.

You implemented this "fix" in a very bad manor. With no changes on a PTR with character copy service - We did not know how this would turn out. People bought (spent in game credits or cartel coins, some real money to get cartel coins) to get these items and customize their character - a hallmark of MMORPG gaming in the modern era. They augmented them and bought other pieces to make their armor look cool and unique. Gamers invested time and money....

So you have a problem. Displays didn't match what people got. I did not hear one bit of this in general chat months ago when cartel market launched, but I heard it all day today - that means, the majority of customers did not care. Today, the majority are outraged. You needed to implement a different strat.

What you needed to do for your PR was to make a fleet vendor that would exchange those cartel items that were "visually incorrect" for ones that were. They could have been named differently or added a MK-2 or whatever so you didnt have to change coding on items already in existance. You simply would dup the item, change the dynamic name, change the design and offer it on a vendor for trade. You would have avoided all this hassle.

So brings us to today.... people are frustrated but what are they going to do? Some will complain hoping you will be the BW that you were before the game launched, listening to feedback and making changes quickly. (Remembers back in 2008 when characters hands were heck big and the community cried out and it was changed) The players are now in a phase of "I dont look cool anymore" so what do they do, they spend credits on GTN items and more will buy more cartel packs to get the newer gear more easily - both ultimately equal more real money into your pockets. This is not right, and I hope you do good as a company and try to right the wrong, or put better the perceived correction that turned out to be a PR nightmare.