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I think it's story time. Don't you?

So... Let me tell you all a short little story - that I'm sure many of you can relate to.

When the Cartel Market first opened and all the cool 'n' interesting gear started popping out of those boxes, it was a little like Christmas. We would open them up snd see what's inside. Some things we would keep, some we would give away, and some we would place on the GTN with hopes that they would find a good home. One player somewhere got a Spymaster chest piece, looked at it, mused for a moment, and finally relinquished it to the GTN abyss for 600K creds. Another player, in a similar situation discovered the Spymaster leggings. S/he too decided that another player might be happy wearing them. So s/he put it on the GTN for 300K.

Later that day, I happened upon the GTN (with its new preview function in all its glory ) and found these two items, and bought them straight away. They made me happy. "This is what my Shadow was missing," I thought to myself. Wearing these two items along with the Cevin event Tusken boots and BH gloves, made me feel and look as though I were in Haseo-kun's Xth-form from .hack//G.U. Vol.3. Not exact mind you, but close enough. It was a, "OMG THIS IS SOOO AWESOME" moment. This is what end game gear should look like! Glowing blue core in my lightsaber hilt. Glowing blue etched effect in my bracelets. Suited in a black on white form-fitting body suit that almost screamed futuristic, technologique, methodic, maniacal ... AWESOMENESS. Oh yeah! Bring on NiM EC and 16man HM TFB. I'm totally gonna tank that up in this.

Fast-forward to last night.

After noticing that there was a black version of this awesome set, I started thinking on changing the shell of my DPS 2nd spec gear. So, at the eleventh hour, I login and purchase the Phantom chest piece off of the GTN for over 200K and change. I immediately fell in love. This is perfect! I immediately ripped the mods and augment from my previous piece, MK-6 aug slotted my Phantom up, threw in the mods... "Notice: The server will be shutting down in 15 minutes..." message flashed on my screen. "and I so wanted to try out her new look too. Oh well. No biggie," I thought to myself. "There's always tomorrow."

I took one last look in the preview screen of my DPS gear, and exclaimed, "Awesome, I'll tweek this tomorrow and run some WZs to try it out and look good while doing so! Heeheehee.." well tomorrow's another day, and I'm off to bed. Good night toon-chan. As I look at my toon from the character select screen, I think to myself, "Funny how they sometimes stare at you through the screen like they want you to play with them some more, or talk to them and tell them that it'll be all right. That, even though Kephes will mess you up with BotM, or the Rancors in KP will treat you like a ragdoll, you always seem to come bsck to me in one piece. Daijyoubu na~ toon-chan. There's always tomorrow."

Tomorrow came. And toon-chan was ...different. I asked her, "what are you wearing? That's not what I put on you last night." She just stared at me through the character select screen - hoping that I would tell her some comforting words again. A tear rolled down my cheek as I realized I couldn't squeeze a syllable. "I'm sorry toon-chan." i don't know what to do... I can't play with you today.

Maybe if I come here on these forums and hope.... Maybe your makers can fix you...