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I am bewildered by the people saying "Look, it's your fault for buying Cartel items, even if you bought them on the GTN and so only saw the item preview." No one makes anyone buy Cartel items, but BW certainly WANT us to. They want our money. And they also want an in-game economy to flourish. Which means showing us some consideration, unless they are confident new buyers are going to be pouring in every month. Unless you are confident your company can **** money, it's quite a good idea not to **** on your customers.

Is the suggestion that no one should buy anything?

I think what's been coming over in several threads is, yes, BW can change the appearance and performance of anything they darn well please, whenever it pleases them. A separate question for them to consider is: is that good practice? Good marketing? Is it likely to persuade people to buy more stuff/have confidence in the game economy if they keep doing it due to simple mistakes?
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