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01.08.2013 , 08:40 PM | #579
So as is the norm, BioWare has done something incredibly stupid that any sane developer would have looked at an realized was incredibly stupid and quickly would have come up with a different solution. Like the Malavai Quinn romance. The changes to expertise. The changes to resolve. Getting rid of the large amount of moddables and color match to chest in beta. Buffing derpsmash. The list goes on, and the cartel pack adaptive armor debacle is now added to it.

I really don't get it, the devs know we hate two things above all about the ugly armor they keep throwing at us.

1. Hoods.

2. Crazy things glued on the armor, usually at the shoulders.

And yet, that's what they added to these armor sets for the most part. I like to imagine the brainstorming sessions the devs have when they come up with this stuff:

"Hey, you know that armor Jadus wears that we don't really have an attractive custom version of in game for SIs to wear, and yet we know they want without stripes or bronze tubes and pink accents- Let's give it to them, except, LET'S MAKE IT UGLIER, add a hood they adore so much, the mummy shoulders... and damn, it needs something else.... I KNOW, antenna on the gloves! Perfect!"

"I was thinking we should give them a JC styled set, maybe something nice and simple with no crazy shoulders or hoods or strange accessories, maybe just a nice robe with some gold accents. But then, IS IT REALLY a JC inspired look without an ugly hood and inexplicably stupid shoulders? I THINK NOT!"

Essentially, every change was awful with maybe the exception of the collar on the trailblazer (the shoulder is inexplicable and stupid), and they couldn't even improve the whole set, the changes to the trailblazer boots ruined one of the nicest and sleekest boots they've added.

Any sane developer would have realized that people wanted the items they got in game, they used those items, they designed outfits around those items, and wouldn't want them to randomly change. A sane developer wouldn't have changed them. A sane developer would have apologized for the minor fail at advertising something that wasn't exactly as it was advertised and offered the "corrected" sets as sets players could buy in the 'Equipment' section and discounted them for a few weeks for the players that wanted them and bought packs for them only to be let down. They could then correct the advertising image to what was actually in the pack, and everyone would be happy.

But no, this is BioWare. I hope BioWare does the right thing NOW though, the thing I described in the above paragraph.