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01.08.2013 , 08:32 PM | #571
I'm not going to rant, threaten to rage-quit, or report anyone to the BBB, because I'm an adult - and because this is a video game. I didn't spend real dollars on the Phantom Armors, because they weren't that hard to acquire with a few dailies, but I did put time into the design of a Shadow to wear the armor, and I had planned on wearing it more or less permanently. I honestly didn't know there was a mistake, because I don't buy cartel packs. I pop into the forums from time to time but, as a creature of habit, I only check a couple locations and look at patch notes. While it is true that the onus should fall on me to read the developer's notes regarding known issues, the fact that the armor wasn't restricted until it was fixed led me and many others, obviously, to believe that there wasn't a problem or an upcoming fix for it. The reason I was so pleased with the Phantom Armor was that it looked so functional. It looked like something a Sniper, Operative, or Shadow would wear; sleek, dark, and uncomplicated. To top it all off, I got to see my character's hair. I cannot be the only person who plays this game who takes all of the character customization seriously, and by slapping a giant hood on my head, not only have you made the armor look less functional (no peripheral vision, muffled hearing), but you're hiding my hair, again. I put hair on my character for a reason: because it coordinates with the overall aesthetic. The armor and pink/purple saber looked absolutely killer on my pureblood sith, and the fact that I could actually see her hair rapidly made her a new favorite character.

Like I said, this is not going to ruin my gameplay experience, cause me to unsub, or try to get anyone in trouble. I can understand if there were people upset about dropping coin on cartel packs only to find out the armor they wanted didn't look like the artwork, but I think the developers might have inadvertently forgot that there were quite a few people who were pleasantly surprised at an armor option that didn't look like a walking pile of laundry or deranged Transformer.

I don't post here often. I've enjoyed the game since launch, I play nearly every day, and I generally find very little to complain about. If the Phantom Armor was a mistake, it was like penicillin. If you don't bring that particular armor back, I'm here to tell you that you should seriously consider adding more like it.

Or for the sake of all that is sweet and sticky in Odin's beard, incorporate a hood toggle.